Delta 32-100 & Porter-Cable Plate Joiner / Biscuit Joiner For Sale

I suppose it was due to poor sales, but it's sad that Delta discontinued this awesome 32-100 bench top Biscuit Joiner. Note that this is called a "Joiner" not a "Jointer" because it joins rather than joints wood. There were two versions of this tool; with the main difference being the hold-down. Towards the end of the production the hold-down was improved slightly, but not enough that I would hold-out for a newer unit if on old one becomes available.
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Very light listings, but this tool is sweet and worth the wait.

Also in the picture is my favorite portable biscuit joiner; the current Porter-Cable model. Note that there was a prior version that had a rather poor fence. You can spot the difference in that the old unit has an upright motor rather then the in-line motor shown in the lower photo.
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