Delta & Rockwell Bandsaws For Sale

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to add content to this post on the Delta 14" bandsaw. I've owned my current Delta 14" BS since the early 1990's when I purchased two for a woodworking school I was operating at the time. Mine looks a lot like the saw shown at right, but back then the base didn't have an easy access door and all of the Delta band saws were American made. If that still matters to you you'll want to make sure to check the name plate on the back of the saw. If you are purchasing this saw online make sure to have the seller snap a picture of this plate and email it to you. This saw is still made in the USA, but they were made for a time in Taiwan and are now also made in China.

If you are not familiar with this saw a quick check of the 14" bandsaws being offered by all the other power tool companies will quickly reveal that this was the model for most of the 14" saws on the market.

One feature that few have equaled is the lower blade guide. This is almost totally hidden from view, so it was one of the important details that the Clones were able to skimp on while no one was looking.

If you can afford the original US made Delta or Rockwell you will not regret the additional investment, and should you ever decide to resell it, you'll get ever dollar back and then some. This is something that the imports cannot claim.

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