Delta to release a new UNISAW table saw in 2009

In August 2008 at the IFW (International Woodworking Fair) trade show in Atlanta, GA, Delta had the show buzzing with it's new take on the classic Unisaw. The saw is a dramatic departure from the classic Unisaw primarily due to two things; It's blade is left-tilting (which the current model also offers) and more importantly the tilt wheel is mounted on the front of the cabinet. This is one sexy saw! The blade-tilt dial is reminiscent of the speedometer on a sports car and is accurate to 1/2º.

Oh, and did we mention that this new Unisaw is Made in the USA! Finally.

The saw has been re-engineered to feature a unique one-piece cast-iron trunnion that should make vibration a thing of the past. Blade tilt can be fine-tuned from the front of the cabinet with a hex-wrench so there's no need to work through a tight saw table insert.
There's also a convenient access on the front of the cabinet, though I'm note sure why such a large door exposes such a small opening.

For the first time in the USA the Unisaw will feature a true riving knife which and be used with or without a blade guard. The table in front of the blade has been increased to help you support your stock prior to entering the blade. This saw even has a tool-less arbor lock (like a plunge router) and a one-piece combination washer and nut for mounting the saw blade.
This saw has already been named by
Wood Magazine as on of the Top New Tools for 2009!

Here's a couple videos of the New Delta Unisaw from IWF
See more pictures of the new Uni-Saw at Popular Woodworking

Here's a link a PDF on Delta's New Unisaw

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