The DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw becomes the Delta 40-690 Scroll Saw

First, a little history.

There have been quite a number of changes in the woodworking power tool industry in recent years, but perhaps the biggest change has been experienced by the folks who make the Delta line of tools.  Started as the Delta Specialty Company in 1919 by the original designer of their tool line, Mr. Herbert Tautz.  Mr. Tautz is credited with inventing the world’s first motorized scroll saw.  The Delta Specialty Company grew and introduced such advanced tools as the Uni-Saw, as well as the ground-breaking publication for DIY woodworkers; DeltaGram.   In the 1940’s Delta was purchased by Rockwell Manufacturing, and expanded to include industrial tools that were used to help build the USA’s was machine.   In the early 1980’s Pentair purchased Delta (and Porter-Cable) from Rockwell and until the late 1990’s when they were merged they were run as two separate companies.   In 2005 Delta was purchased by Black and Decker, who had purchased DeWalt many years earlier.  Somewhere around this time Stanley Tool Works acquired Black and Decker and after a short time in 2011 sold off the Delta brand and most of the patents of the Delta and even some of the DeWalt line to a Taiwanese company, Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd.  Chang Type formed the company “DELTA Power Equipment Corporation” (AKA: DELTA PEC)

That brings us to today.  If you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that Delta has recently introduced two new scroll saws (the 40-690 & the new 40-692) that are dead-ringers for the popular and dare I say excellent DW788.  This makes a lot of sense that DeWalt sold or licensed this saw to Delta PEC, as the Delta name is far more synonymous with stationary power tools, while for most folks the DeWalt name means portable tools.  Yes, you and I may know more about DeWalt’s original claim to fame as a radial arm saw manufacturer, but a lot of moons have passed since those days!    

One exciting advantage of this new Delta saw is that it now comes with a 5 year warranty!  Anyway, as I’ve stated before, we LOVE our DW788, and as a Delta tool you can’t go wrong.

NOTE: This saw is currently on an incredible sale at Woodcraft!   On a stand with a goose neck light, normally you’d pay $619, but at the moment it’s available for $349!  That’s a $270 savings!  

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long at all!  These saws are all sold out, and now Delta is introducing an upgraded version.  I guess that explains the blow-out price, huh?  Anyway, the new model is the 40-695, and it will be available in March 2012.  Here's a preview pic, which you can click on to Biggie-Size.

Certainly this will be sold by Woodcraft, so check it out here: Link to Delta Scroll Saws for sale at Woodcraft.

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